The Last Drop 48 Year Old

Last-DropRare whisky specialist The Last Drop Distillers has released a 48-year-old blended Scotch boasting “distinguished provenance”.

The 592-bottle release is only the fourth bottling since the company was founded in 2008 by a group of spirits industry veterans. The rarity saw its youngest components laid down in 1965, although many parts of the blend are considerably older, with some of the malt coming from distilleries that have since ceased production. The bottling is drawn from a small batch of the original blend, which was transferred into ex-Bourbon casks 27 years ago and matured in an old warehouse in the Scottish Highlands.

The Scotch, which offers notes of “ripened peaches, pear brandy and toasted oak”, is packaged in a green leather case with cream suede lining and is accompanied by a 50ml miniature. A drawer in the case contains a leather-bound booklet offering space to add tasting notes.

RRP: £2,600

As found on the drinks business


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