ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur

Abk6-HoneySweet-toothed Cognac fans rejoice! A honey-flavoured Cognac by Domaines Francis Abécassis has landed on the market and a buzz is steadily building around it. Housed in an elegant bottle sporting a gold tassel, ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur is made with nectar from the Charentes woods in order to stay faithful to the single estate philosophy. Cellarmaster Christian Guérin then blended the aromatic, powerfully flavoured honey into the Cognac during the ageing process.

According to its makers the liquid boasts “elegant and subtle revealing notes of jasmine, violet, honeysuckle, rose petals, spices, candied orange, vanilla wood and toffee”. Guérin recommends drinking it either next, over ice or mixed with lemonade, ginger and lemon zest.

RRP: £21
CONTACT: Domaines Francis Abécassis +33 545 663 572


As found on the drinks business


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