Bacardi redesign


Layout 1Bacardi has unveiled its first new bottle design in a decade. The rum brand’s Superior, Gold and Black expressions have been given a sleek makeover to make the bottles more ergonomic for bartenders. The taller, more slender bottle shape is designed to make it easier for busy bartenders to handle. Also new is the first bottle use of the latest reincarnation of the iconic Bacardi Bat, which was updated in 2013 as part of the brand’s “Untamable Since 1862” campaign. The three expressions in the range: Superior, Gold and Black, have been renamed Carta Blanca, Carta Oro and Carta Negra respectively, in an effort to reflect Bacardi’s Cuban roots. “Our vision was to create a bottle that told the story of Bacardi, its unique heritage and the masterful crafting that goes into the creation of each of our premium rums,” said Caroline Hipperson, Bacardi’s global brand director.


Found on the drinks business


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