Highland Park Odin


Layout 1Orkney distillery Highland Park has launched the fourth and final malt in its Norse-inspired Valhalla Collection in the form of Odin. Named after the father of the gods and ruler of Asgard, the 16-year-old expression follows the releases of Thor, Loki and Freya. According to legend, Odin is the strongest of all the Norse gods, driven by an “unquenchable thirst for wisdom”. Like its namesake, the whisky is equally “intense, powerful and complex” say its makers, offering aromas of “spice, toasted walnuts and smoke”, and flavours of “peat, charred walnuts and plums” on the palate. Just 17,000 bottles of the punchy 55.8% abv Odin have been released worldwide.


Found on the drinks business


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  1. The strongest of all the Gods released at 55%. So appropriate. Man I would love to try this one!
    Keep on waffling,

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