Bhai Apple Cider



Layout 1Named after the Hindi word for “brother”, Bhai cider is the brainchild of Henry Chevallier Guild of the Aspall cider clan. The tipple is inspired by the time Henry spent travelling across India on an Enfield motorbike. Bhai is the world’s first cider made from Himalayan apples, and was created in partnership with agriculturist and entrepreneur Vivan Futehally. Made from apple concentrate from fruit grown and pressed on the foothills of the Himalayas, the cider is then shipped to England, mixed with English apple juice and fermented at Aspall’s in Suffolk with Champagne yeast before “jaggery”, an Indian unrefined sugar, is added prior to bottling. The cider is designed to pair with Indian dishes, the acidity helping to cut through creamy curries and the sweet finish marrying well with Indian spice.


Found on the drinks business


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