5 Top iOS Apps for Winos…Oops…Wine Connoisseurs


Wine Apps

Do you enjoy drinking wine but wish you could purchase intriguing bottles with a deeper understanding of which ones were a good vintage, and which should be avoided?

Do you often feel unsure when ordering bubbly in a large group and tend to opt for safe wineries you know will be familiar to your group? It might be time to add a wine app or two to your smartphone. Check out the following roundup of alcohol apps to see which one is best suited for your wine tasting preferences.

Wine Notes

Wine Notes

The Wine Notes app lets you track your favorite bottles and remember those you don’t ever want to mistakenly purchase again. You can use this handy iOS application to keep data on bottles you hope to find someday and rate new vintages you discover along the way.



The Corkbin wine app also lets you rate bottles of vino you have tried. This wine enthusiast’s application has social media sharing capabilities built in so that you can share your favorite vintages with your social network. The Corkbin application also offers food pairing recommendations and a glossary of common terms too.



The Vivino application lets you snap pictures of a bottle and receive feedback from wine connoisseurs on whether it is a good vintage or not. You can compare prices and leave your own wine reviews via the Vivino interface.



The Crushed app is part wine application and part social media network. You can scan bar codes, discover intriguing details about a specific bottle, and create your own digital wine cellar. Your discoveries can be shared with your social connections or you can keep your treasures to yourself.



The Delectable wine app lets you take pictures of a bottle and instantly receive information on where the wine was bottled and what ratings it has received from wine sommeliers. This popular app also has social media sharing capabilities built in and lets you tag friends and locations. If you regularly enjoy a bottle of bubbly with your friends, the social tagging aspect of the Delectable app is likely to be one of your favorite features.

With the abundance of available apps, it can be tough to choose just one. Your best course of action is to try each one separately to see which one resonates with your own wine consumption habits. Do you think any of these apps will be making it to your smartphone’s home screen?

by Craig Timmins


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