Les Grands Arbres Merlot BIO 2013






This Merlot from organic cultivation comes from the Les Jamelles forge and with the same meticulous care generated as the famous brand. The grapes come from around VERGEZE. There is also the source of the famous Perrier mineral water. Perrier at the beginning of the 90s the surrounding wineries encouraged to organic farming to ensure high water quality.

France – Despite the growing diversity and competition, France is still the leading wine country in the world. And also the consumer France regains increasingly imitated. Because after a decade or so one is looking back after ar wines with balance and elegance. Concentration associated with drinkability so and that’s exactly where they are well in France. It is the land of the versatility that has spawned style icons such as Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Loire and Rhone. Examples and the ultimate benchmark for the rest of the wine world!
Ecocert certified

Appearence deep and dark almost black

On the nose and palate, dark berries, cassis and cherries, fruity, fresh and delicious ..

Serve with 17-18 ° C.
Fits very well with traditional or spicy dishes, stuffed tomatoes, lentils with pork, steak, chicken with ratatouille.


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