Cluver & Jack Cider

Cluver-JackPinotage pioneer Bruce Jack and Chardonnay champion Paul Cluver have joined forces on a boutique cider project in Elgin – Cluver & Jack.

While the Cluver family has grown apples at its De Rust farm for years, Jack’s great-grandfather was one of the first to plant cider apple trees in South Africa. Made using Granny Smith apples and other ‘secret’ varieties at the Paul Cluver Winery in Elgin, apples are hand picked then chopped and pressed. The juice is then gravity-clarified in chilled tanks and fermented at cool temperatures. After fermentation, the spent yeast cells are filtered out and a “sparkling of CO2” is added to give the cider “a captivating, celebratory fizz”. Jack describes the cider as “a pure expression of our special corner of the universe encapsulating the beauty, intrigue, mythology and charm of this land.”

Found on the Drinks business



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